baby bondage

May 23rd, 2010

Baby Bondage

A popular form of ageplay or mommy charge play is baby bondage. This usually involves locking items that prevent the baby from being a grown up. It also means the baby can only be freed by the mommy type.

Baby bondage includes:

Locking fist mitts in pastel colors: Locking fist mitts prevent a baby from being able to feed him self, touch him self or do adult things. Pastel boxing gloves can also be used as fist mitts.

Locking Plastic Panties. Plastic Panties are used over cloth diapers to keep them from leaking. This means that the adult baby can not take his own diapers off.

Baby Reigns: These are pastel harnesses that prevent the little boy or girl from walking or running away.

Hobbling: Some mommies may want to hobble their babies so that they babies can only crawl with out standing up as an adult.

Pacifiers: This can be used as a gag or as an oral fixation device.

Cribs or Playpens: This is place where babies can sleep and even be lock in. For their safety of course.

High Chairs: Locking high chairs means that the baby won’t fall out or escape from being fed by his mommy.

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mommies and sadism

May 5th, 2010

The sadistic mommy.

There are a variety of different ways of being a mommy. The most commonly known way is the nurturing disciplinarian. Mommies are usually seen as the gentle nurturing partners of baby girls and boys. The disciplinarians and sadistic ageplayers are usually seen as daddy types. Many people have difficulty wrapping their head around mean mommies. But there are women who play this way.

One commonly drawn line, is that many of the charges draw a boundary between sadism and cruelty. There are charges who have a high pain tolerance, but a low mean attitude tolerance. The line between disciplinarian and cruelty seems to be a variation of the dominant vs domineering concept.

One archetype is the humiliating and punishing mommy.  Many mommies have a variety of rules and punishments for their little girl or boy.

Charges usually feel that there needs to a purpose or intent. You might say “it is all for purpose of teaching moral behavior.” Mommy is all about making sure her good little girl or boy behaves.

Step mothers are also a popular ageplay role. The step mother is usually sadistic and mean. They make the little girl or boy do their chores and bidding. They may also use floggers and riding crops. Humiliation and emotional sadism is more common. Usually the step mother is able to be mean because she is not a “real” mother. Littles can be humiliated by being called “daddie’s ex-kid.”

Another ageplay top, is the aunt. The aunt is a little bit different from the mommy. The aunt is usually not bound by parental love, and can usually bring a more strict type of discipline and structure in to the relationship. Usually aunts are more of a rule enforcer .  On the other hand, there is also the fun aunt who doesn’t mind breaking the rules and doing fun things mommy won’t allow.

The baby sitter is popular favorite among littles and mediums (dominant littles). The baby sitter can be mean in a fun way, catch the little doing naughty things, emotional black mail, humiliation, teasing. There is usually a line drawn between physical punishment and emotional punishment. Because the baby sitter is both a minor and outside the family, physical punishment is usually not allowed. Humiliation can be.

Another way of including sadism and ageplay is by coming into the scene as dominant and submissive and bringing in ageplay as aftercare. I commonly call this being both the wicked step mother and the fairy godmother. Long before I took on the title of “Mommy” in my mommy-sissy relationship, I used this fairy tale analogy in profiles and ads on various bdsm sites. I find it very apt.

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Honestly, my mother has a general sense of my kinks. She once saw a photo of me in 50s dress with my darling little sissy. She said “He really gets you, doesn’t he.”
It also helps that I don’t live in the same state. But this was only 3 years ago. Most of my adult life, she has been generally aware that I am kinky, with out knowing of any specific kinks.

But, my mom is amazingly understanding. When we were at the wedding, she thought all the children’s songs such as “Some where over the rainbow” and “You are my sunshine” as being very sentimental and adorable. Funny enough, my wedding musicians played an unusual number of sentimental children’s songs, including a song from the 60’s called “Love you” previously mentioned in my blog.

But my mom has always seen my stuffed animals, my disney/pixar movies and my oz, wonderland and neverland books and is very aware that I still have, watch and read all of them.

Other than my family. Most of my friends are involved in the bdsm and ageplay community. That is where I devote most of my social time. I like going to munches, play parties and conferences.

I am also active in lots of poly, pagan, geekery. My personal experiences have been the more “alternative” lifestyles that I am involved with, the more out I can be in a variety of ways. Liberals have a tendency to be accepting of other liberal lifestyles. I don’t spend a lot of time with people who are christian, monogamous, vanilla or conservative

I suppose, once I made the decision that I was fine with being different in one way. I began to feel comfortable being different in a variety of ways. Now, it doesn’t really feel like being different, it just feels like being my self.

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Some one recently asked me “How I handle things around family, friends and in vanilla public.”

I will start with my daily examples and advice I have for others.

My little boy doesn’t call me mommy in vanilla public. For a long time, I was uncomfortable being called mommy at all. I associated mommy with adult babies and people who are clingy and whiny. I did not have any positive affiliations with the concept at all.

For me, I only started being called mommy, after I adopted my little boy. It’s a special term between me and my little boy only. In the beginning of our relationship and in vanilla public, my little boy calls me “The pretty lady” He does call me mommy at home and in kinky events, such as play parties.

But I have always been a momma dom. Not identifying as a mommy, doesn’t make me less of a mother. I have always said this about my self: I am both the wicked step mother and the fairy godmother.

My mommy side expressed it self more through the governess and teacher archetypes. For along time, I was known as Miss Marie. Mommy is an archetype in both the ageplay and leather community and it expresses it’s self through a variety of lenses.

Many people on fet-life mentioned clothing as a way of creating an ageplay headspace.

On a daily basis, I wear mary janes and I some times wear my hair in braids or pig tails. In the winter, I wear my tinker bell and disney hoodies on a daily basis. During the summer, I might wear sundresses with knee socks, and mary janes. Very few people question my clothing. If they do, they just think I am in touch with my inner child. I rarely get a second glance. (and I am 32)

My little boy is 34 and he is an avid fan of Walt Disney World. On a regular basis, he wears a variety of disney t-shirts and sweat shirts. In his feminine persona, angelica, she wears cute little dresses with mary janes and frilly panties when ever she has the opportunity

A few people from fetlife have also mentioned scents. I have a few different perfumes I like, one of them is called Amazing Grace and makes any one smell as if they just got out of the bubble bath. They also have one called pure grace, that smells like a soapy shower. The even one have one called, baby grace. There are a variety of baby lotions that can also be worn as a subtle cue those who are interested.

Another woman mentioned food, it can be fun to have kids food stocked in the kitchen such as macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Chicken fingers and poptarts are also an option.

If you have a high shelf that is less accessible, you can have sippy cups and baby bottles. I also have disney princess and mickey mouse silver wear that can be found at any local grocery. My unusual silver wear has been more of an issue for people who consider “ageplay” a hard limit, than it has been for any family member or friend.

On a monthly basis, I cosponsor The Atlanta Littles Munch. After each munch, we go to an arcade, toy store, kid’s movie or ice cream shop as a group of littles and bigs. I haven’t had any reasons to be concerned or worried.

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Ageplay and littles history

February 27th, 2010

Some one recently asked if the term littles was meant to separate sexual littles from non sexual littles. This is my understanding of littles/ageplay history as some one who has been an ageplayer for for 10 years:

There was a time (10 years ago) when little girls/boys, adult babies, teen players all had their different categories.  In the past 5 years, ageplay has became more well known and people realized there were others like them, people wanted terms that described them as a community. They didn’t want segregation.

The term little was short for little girl or little boy. It wasn’t coined to avoid any thing. It was just a way of describing littles of all genders and ages.

People said “I am a little girl” or “I am a little boy.” People started using Little as a way of describing all the boys, girls, transgenders and gender queers who enjoyed being little.

So “big” became a catch all term for all parent or adult types, such as mommy, daddy, aunt, uncle, teacher, camp counselors, priest, dirty old men, etc.

But ageplay refers to the lifestyle and community that all littles, bigs, mediums are a part of. Ageplay is the lifestyle. Bigs and littles (and mediums) are the people who enjoy the ageplay lifestyle.

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Moving to 24/7 Mommy-charge

February 24th, 2010

One the first steps is to do an inventory of the current relationship. If there is any element of the relationship that is not working, work towards fixing it. Make sure the current dynamics don’t have any problems.

While doing this inventory, look over the types of power exchange or ageplay that are included. If you have a current contract, review it and discuss it.

Decide what types of ageplay that are missing or not included and write them down or discuss them.

Consider each type of ageplay and think of them in terms of small or daily decisions and long term decisions. Decide what can go into effect immediately and what needs to be integrated over time. Develop a goal and develop steps.

With each step, discuss and communicate how it is working and how it can be done better. Move to the next step when every thing is going well and be willing to stop if things are not working out.  I don’t think people move from ageplay to full time mommy/charge in one day or even one month. It is better to include more types of power exchange over time.

It may be easier to work towards Mommy/charge than it is to go into 24/7 immediately. It is more difficult to pinpoint what is not working when you have a lot that is being changed at the same time.

24/7 mommy/charge can be an ongoing and daily commitment. It is not some thing that you only do once and never think about again.

When you feel it is a Mommy/charge dynamic that works best for you, be happy with what you have developed. Be attached to the relationship, not the label that is attached to it.

But this is the way I would do it. Might not work for every one. Take what works and don’t worry about the rest 🙂

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There are different types of ageplayers. There are different type of bigs, such as parents, teachers, etc. There are different type of littles, such as ABs, brats, school-kids, teen agers. So for now, I want to address some of the people who enjoy ageplay but may not identify as a little or a big, such as middles and medium size  ageplayers. Read the rest of this entry »


This song is Our Song, shared by me and my little boy. We danced to a live jazz rendition of it at our wedding. For us, it captures the ageplay spirit and speaks to us as a couple. It is called Love You by The Free Design.

Love You

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Part of camp crucible is having the opportunity to be a mommy or little girl who enjoys training, owning and riding ponies (pony-girls and pony-boys) Read the rest of this entry »

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camp crucible

June 3rd, 2009


Camp Crucible is 5 day and 4 night camping vacation that includes meals, drinks, lodging, 24/7 indoor and out door play spaces, edge play programing, spa treatments, kidnappers lair, pony camp, kids camp, formal dinner, ladies tea and a “littles” mad hatter tea party and slave auction.

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