mommies and sadism

The sadistic mommy.

There are a variety of different ways of being a mommy. The most commonly known way is the nurturing disciplinarian. Mommies are usually seen as the gentle nurturing partners of baby girls and boys. The disciplinarians and sadistic ageplayers are usually seen as daddy types. Many people have difficulty wrapping their head around mean mommies. But there are women who play this way.

One commonly drawn line, is that many of the charges draw a boundary between sadism and cruelty. There are charges who have a high pain tolerance, but a low mean attitude tolerance. The line between disciplinarian and cruelty seems to be a variation of the dominant vs domineering concept.

One archetype is the humiliating and punishing mommy.  Many mommies have a variety of rules and punishments for their little girl or boy.

Charges usually feel that there needs to a purpose or intent. You might say “it is all for purpose of teaching moral behavior.” Mommy is all about making sure her good little girl or boy behaves.

Step mothers are also a popular ageplay role. The step mother is usually sadistic and mean. They make the little girl or boy do their chores and bidding. They may also use floggers and riding crops. Humiliation and emotional sadism is more common. Usually the step mother is able to be mean because she is not a “real” mother. Littles can be humiliated by being called “daddie’s ex-kid.”

Another ageplay top, is the aunt. The aunt is a little bit different from the mommy. The aunt is usually not bound by parental love, and can usually bring a more strict type of discipline and structure in to the relationship. Usually aunts are more of a rule enforcer .  On the other hand, there is also the fun aunt who doesn’t mind breaking the rules and doing fun things mommy won’t allow.

The baby sitter is popular favorite among littles and mediums (dominant littles). The baby sitter can be mean in a fun way, catch the little doing naughty things, emotional black mail, humiliation, teasing. There is usually a line drawn between physical punishment and emotional punishment. Because the baby sitter is both a minor and outside the family, physical punishment is usually not allowed. Humiliation can be.

Another way of including sadism and ageplay is by coming into the scene as dominant and submissive and bringing in ageplay as aftercare. I commonly call this being both the wicked step mother and the fairy godmother. Long before I took on the title of “Mommy” in my mommy-sissy relationship, I used this fairy tale analogy in profiles and ads on various bdsm sites. I find it very apt.

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