Nurturing discipline, the benefits of being a momma dom.

Personally, I find many many mommy-charge relationships to be very littles-centric. More so, with adult baby play.Being a Mommy can be very draining and frustrating from this point of view.

I think learning to take care of ourselves and have our own needs met as mommy types is a big priority. Balancing the babies needs and desires with our own needs and desires as mommies is a skill that must be developed to have healthy mommy/charge relationships.

I think baby little centric age play may be one of the reasons why there are not as many mommies in the ageplay lifestyle.

In my relationship with spacey, I generally enjoy having him as an older little around 5 or 6 years old. My back ground as an age play top is primarily as a mommy and goddess type with a specialization in spanking, caning and sensual domination. In age play, mommies and daddies are almost synonymous with the concept of the nurturing disciplinarian.

I also enjoy being mommy in a more dominant manner, enjoying the power exchange in ways my little boy may not. Having this privilege to enjoy our relationship in ways my boy may not, is a benefit to being an age play domina. I have the opportunity to express my sadism through caning, even though it is an activity that my little boy doesn’t like very much at all.

I also enjoy having the opportunity to be a teacher and leader in my little boys life. I enjoy having the chance to learn new things in my life and having the opportunity to share them with him on a regular basis. I like knowing that he is learning and growing and that I have a important part to play in his development.

One of the things about being a momma dominant that I enjoy most is that you are loved and adored like a goddess, but in a more earthly type way. A goddess is usually untouched and worshiped from a far. Mommy types are never far away. There is a sense of simple adoration that comes from being a child’s sole care takers. There is a type of love that can only come from being a mother.

In our relationship, diapering and baby play is more of a reward and a method of bonding in a sensual and nurturing manner. It is a way of connecting in both a physical and emotional level in ways allow us to bond on a less analytical level.

We have the opportunity to leave adult responsibilities behind for a short time.
There are other ways we leave adult responsibilities behind, such as through games, cartoons, bath times and bed times.

Some times, it is not as organized through ritual. Some times, it is just a case of him being playful, silly and fun and me being sexy, assertive and charming. We continue to have a mommy-boy relationship even when we are not specifically engaging in age play. This is very important to me.

But for me, I also need to have an adult relationship. I need to balance the mommy-baby relationship with a domina-boy and husband-wife relationship. As a momma-dom, I have the opportunity to define what areas of my life I would want to have equality and what areas of my life I would prefer power exchange. My needs also include intelligent conversation, emotional dialogue and communication.

One of the things I like in my relationships, is the feeling that I am being served because I am loved. I enjoy being served as a domina. I prefer being served because of who I am, not simply because I am dominant. .

For those of us who are mommy, daddies and other care taker types, what is that you enjoy about the role? What are the joys and benefits of being a big or ageplay top? What needs or desires are you seeking to have met in an ageplay relationship? What does your boy or girl do for you that enhances the ageplay relationship and makes it worth while, both inside and outside of ageplay?

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  1. What fascinating insights. 🙂 *bookmarks this whole blog* I’ll come back and read again sometime when it’s not 5 am.

  2. Hi – I have just found your blog and find it intelligent and interesting. Thank you.. I will return to read it often – when there are no others around. 🙁