sexual ageplay

These are some of my thoughts on sexual ageplay…

Every relationship has different energies and boundaries.  In my primary relationship, He is both my little boy and my husband (03/28/09). We have a sexually intimate relationship, even though we have an age play relationship. 

There are other little boys and girls that I don’t feel comfortable being sexual or even sensual with. I just want to hold there hand crossing the street, play games with them and read bed times stories to them. 

Sexual play between mommy-boy can imply incest but it doesn’t have to. Some people who really enjoy incest play prefer to use the term Mother and son play. The roles they enjoy may not involve age play at all. They may prefer older more sexual play between two adults who are part of a family. They explore it on purpose.  That is a taboo that feels fun for them to explore. 

I do feel slightly uncomfortable with incest play, so I prefer the terms Mommy-boy. For me, sexual mommy boy doesn’t carry the same connotations. I am a leather mommy, not a biological mother. It is a title, archetype and energy as well as a role. So, it doesn’t necessarily imply incest. 

It can imply molestation play, but it doesn’t have to. Some people enjoy playing with a molestation theme because the taboo. They come into the little boys or girls bed room at night and make them promise “don’t tell daddy” and “we need to keep this our special secret.” They prefer to make it some it some thing “dirty and taboo” because this is some thing that makes them wet or hard and helps them bond and become closer in their relationship. 

Other sexual age play relationships don’t include the implication of molestation. Some times it isn’t a secret that it is dirty and taboo. Some times it just the way mommies and boys express love and caring for each other. It is nice, playful, silly and fun. This can include erotic play with bath time together, tucking him into bed at night and other nice ways.  

Other examples might include sexual play for purposes of sex education and teaching the little about his or her body. Another example would be preparing him or teaching her about what “grown ups”  like. 

One way that I wrap my head around sexual age play is that my little boy loves and enjoys sexual age play and lets me know about his curiosities and fascination with “adult woman.” If the little boy or girl initiates the sexual element, it feels more comfortable for me as a mommy type to participate. Some mommy and daddy types  prefer to play with little types who identify as tweens or older for this purpose. They prefer the curious high school virgin or the naughty teen temptress who seduces them. 

I am polyamorous. I have a sexual intimate relationship with the “little boy” that I have adopted and that I plan to marry. But I also have other non sexually intimate relationships with age players and little boys and girls. I also enjoy sexual bdsm with my husband even though I normally don’t mix sex with most of my bdsm play. 

I think it is more difficult to avoid sex, bdsm and ageplay in a monogamous relationship. If you and your little boy or girl don’t have outside relationships, it is even more important to have sex in the relationship. This is true, even though in the long run, you may decide not include sex combined with an ageplay scene or a bdsm scene. 

With poly, it is a little bit easier to separate bdsm and ageplay from sexual relationships. When a person is allowed an out side sexually intimate partner, it is easier for them to seek nonsexual ageplay and bdsm relationships. Sexual expression is an important need and desire for most people, even those who are little or age players. But with poly, a person can have those needs met with different people. 

This doesn’t mean that poly is better or easier than monogamy for any one. It only means that two people need to connect on a wider variety of levels to make a mono relationship work.

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  1. Thanks for such an articulate, well thought out piece. As an adult male who is just dipping his big toe into the mommy/little relationship it’s wonderful to read some thoughts from the feminine perspective. Thanks for such an enjoyable read.