forced infantilism


This is a subject I find fascinating: Forced infantilism. Some people enjoy being adults that are forced to become babies. 

Some age players identify as “littles” but not all. Some age players enjoy being forced to be little, but don’t identify as being a little outside of scene. Even though some age players experience a deep level of regression, others continue having a very adult mindset even in the context of an ageplay scene.

Reasons a person may want to be forced:

Some time a person have taboos they want they hope over come. Being forced gives them the permission and encouragement they need to explore fantasies that have been forbidden and prohibited.  Some times the things we are not allowed to do are the things we enjoy the most. 

There is a feeling of trust and vulnerability that comes from being with some one strong and powerful.  In many ways, the parent-child dynamic is the epitome of this. There are very few cases of any one more more trusting and vulnerable than an infant or small child. 

Being forced to be a child and finding our selves attracted to the person parent is very taboo because of the implied themes of incest. 

In reality, we are not attracted to parents or children. We are drawn to the qualities they symbolize in our psyche. We are attracted to the idea of a motherly level of nurturing discipline or an infants level of adoration and devotion. We want to see the parents or childs traits in our adult partners. 

As adults, we are usually encouraged to be responsible and mature. Some times our jobs and adult obligations include being in control and being very powerful. Even though we usually enjoy the energy charge that comes from our adult self sufficiency, this can be come a source of tiredness and stress. Many people spend childhood wanting to be older and more grown up, just to grow and want to be child like again. 

Forced infantilism and forced ageplay can be a way of letting go of responsibility. We may not rush to let go of our responsibility because of the degree of dependence and powerlessness it brings. There can be a sense of both fear and fascination that can be intoxicating to the person being forced. 

Why a mommy may want to enjoy forced infantilism:

Women enjoy being mommies for a variety of reasons. Some times it is the joy that comes from caring for another person. Some times it is the opportunity to bond in a way that is sensual and nurturing. 

With forced infantilism, we have the opportunity to bond with some one who is enjoying both the adult and child like elements of the psyche. This can allow for a more diverse variety of experiences compared to some one who is fully adult or deeply regressed to a child like state. 

People who may not feel comfortable doing adult activities with adult babies or ageplayers, may feel more turned on by forced infantilism or forced ageplay. So the submissive is not really an adult baby, but a sub being made to wear baby clothes or be childish for his or her mistress.  

There is also a spectrum of energy that develops. Some times the lower a person who loves you is willing to go, the higher it makes you feel. The concept some one who is willing to engage in activities they find taboo, simply to impress you or earn your love and approval, can some times make your love for them seem elevated. 

In many fairy tales and mythology, the hero is usually sent through an underworld journey through death and rebirth being made to let go of all things that are holding him back. The combination of bdsm and forced infantilism can some times be an expression of this. 

The mommy type in this type of scenes takes on the role of initiator or guide through the underworld. The mommy type can lead a sub boy or girl through a series of physical trials and test through bdsm, bringing in the age play and infantilism during after care. 

In some ways, it reminds me of the story of cinderella. Her story is more meaningful because of the journey that is taken through by both her wicked step mother and fairy god mother. It wouldn’t be the story we know and love with out the both of these powerful women. 

All of this takes place in ways that are healthy and supportive of the relationship. The combination of bdsm and ageplay is like honey and bees or roses and thorns. Many of us engage in pain and humiliation of bdsm and power exchange is because it makes the nurturing and bonding of ageplay and adult babies sweeter and prettier.

5 Responses to “forced infantilism”

  1. I think this is a wonderful analysis of both sides of the equation. I think there may have been one aspect that you missed though, which is humiliation. Sometimes either the Dom enjoys the idea of breaking down a normal adult and making them behave and act like an infact (carrying along with the loss of responsibility – but not as a freeing thing, but as a punishment). On the flip side subs may relish the power of a top that can break them down and make them really feel as if they are not on the same level as the top.

    Great work, I look forward to reading more!

  2. i feel that “forced” infantilism can be a misnomer, and that it can be a natural part of nurturing Mommy domination. A Mommy can overwhelm her little one with that smothering Mommy-Knows-Best kind of nuturing love, taking everything a bit farther and faster than Her charge may have anticipated. Even when both parties desire a Mommy-little one relationship, there is nothing like that feeling of being on an out-of-control roller coaster when Mommy starts to take the regression, babification, and Mommy control to a further and/or faster level than little one anticipated. I find an imaginative Mommy often adds that one little twist to the proceedings that starts my head involuntarily shaking “no” even as my level of excitement deepens. I believe this just reinforces and deepens the nuturing Mommy-little one bond, when inevitably afterwards, it it seen that Mommy knew exactly what she was doing.

  3. Yes, I think the intention was to explain that even those who do not identify as “adult babies” might want to be “Forced” to be adult babies. Some people who enjoy ageplay are ageplayers, others are people who enjoy ageplay.
    But, I would be happy to write a part two. Forced infantilism was a more common experience for me when I was bringing people into the lifestyle than when I became involved in the ageplay community. It has become less a part of my play, because my partner is an active ageplayer.

    What are some examples of Mommy Knows Best that people consider smothering? What would be examples of taking things to a different level of most?

    I thought humiliation and taking some one from being an adult to baby was implied through out the article, but maybe it was too subtle. Maybe I will write some thing specifically related to humiliation. Are there any types of humiliation that you feel does or does not mesh well with ageplay and adult baby play?

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